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                                                      Be Quiet and in peace in Jesus and in Jesus Onlyin the right way at end times, to  suffer less.

    USA math is the only AI Licensing company and if any Governmental and cooperative entity used AI   without Anti AI_Sysytem engine based on abuse of humanity I will be the voice to forward legal court  action to fine one trillion dollar at least, have a                                         wonderful day and I hope your company will not appear in my black list. 

​​​     Believe me or not first I was thinking of USA math original idea that was combination of Math, Chess and programing with Electrical Engineering outcome, than, after learning about “North Pole disaster” I changed my website design to current one, but there is another thing, “End of the world”
      I  just want to move  right to my point. It’s even too late to think about nature and family, it’s already over. I will live my regular life and you can be with me in all regular aspect of life but more than Math, Chess, Programing, Sex, Love, Family, Nature,....                                  
Secret Societies and illuminati

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This is the USA math , The best              place to make love with                Math,Chess  and Programing 

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                   Zarik Daniel                                                4/9/2015 3 50 PM

Please donate me first ,if not you are going to make me richer that I dont want to.I want you be richer than me,of course if you can.

          USA math is about approaching real life by computing,monitoring ,analysing and improving.

                                                        Welcome to USA math organization

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Do you Care about nature?

        .....     and Normalization and radicalism and My saving account money  ….         I am only  focused on just being

                                                   True follower of Christ

      for going to heaven and there I will do all the fun, but not in this life any more, it’s already        over.So my suggestion is just watch end of the world documentaries & movies And           Be Quiet and in peace in Jesus and in Jesus Only in the right way at end times,        to suffer less.