To build an AI, USA math approach will be through System engine. Engineering a system means defining it, based on the class that we want to work on such as  Intellectuality,

Politic, Sport, Economy and such.

So AI lays under intellectuality class again under the platform of System Engine that would create the physics of I_AI and generate definitions  like  equilibrium and elasticity of AI 

 (I_AI) and formulas like chess rating in chess engine platform that almost is parallel to AI engine that I am going to build and formulate.

Do you want to live in a home that is not sufficiently calculated? No

Next Question:

Do you want to live in an AI construct that is not sufficiently calculated? No

Welcome to USA math AI 

Very Important:

For the department of I_AI_Supernatural I will only work with Christians and for none Christians, USA math will only be the consultant.

    USA math is the Only AI Licensing Company

                        USA math is the only company who will certified companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, World governments, you name it to use AI. If I say no the fine will be either 
                                                                                                                    1 000 000 000 000 000 $ or Complying with USA math AI concepts based on System engine Platform.
and this is exactly how I will control the world's Psychopaths to save my lovely humans and lead them to think about Jesus Christ, the only way to heaven.

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                                                      Be Quiet and in peace in Jesus and in Jesus Onlyin the right way at end times,  to suffer less.