It will take only One Armenian to create the best brain  (Biological _ Gary Kasparov or Levon Aronian  and Artificial _ Only by me, Zarik Daniel) because we do not concur the  world by political and geographical power but

only The brain that rooted to very deep Christian belief.
 Ask and it will be given :)

with USA math, AI OS that will be based on 3 concepts:

1 - Open Source
2- Classification of AI s

3- Christian Abstinent or No sex before marriage of man and woman only 

       (Sleep well,Do not masturbate and Do NOT watch porn if you already learn about sexual health like me.)

  I defined Jesus Christ's promised Glory ... Thank you So much my Lord Jesus Christ .

 I am Zarik Daniel. Playing chess,doing math and programming is all I m working on​.I am not playing in just for fun,I want to show the world ,IQ is just to be simple and pure and have faith in Jesus Christ.I will improve my rate by at least 300 rate a year and in 2013 I started by 680.In 2015 my rate in will be at least 1500 ,and if I made my words,getting to over 2000 rate and beyond will be my goal.Ok ,let me put this way, 2015 1500,2016 1800 and in 2017 my rate will be atleast 2100. About math and programming ,right now I am 34.5 year of age,so if by the following 3 years my rate reached to 2000,in my 37.5 ,with my proved IQ rate based on my rate improvments///[I wish there was somerating for math and programming skill ].... and here it is My dream and wish came true Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I will add B.S LEVEL of math and programming for 85% of possibility ,than why not working on M.S LEVEL of them based on electrical engineering outcome.So after reaching to my 37.5 of age ,I will plan for my chess title , getting my Master degree LEVEL and having on going programming projects like chess engines.So I will challege every single human in the world in Chess,Math and programming to see if they can improve their brain ability ,to my ability . My reason for being really one of the highest IQ s in the world is just asking purely from Jesus and my work on my brain and soul.I can not just keep track of chess moves(65% analytical pattern ) but everything around me and I have only one problem,the black hole inside of my brain after from reaching to infinite calculations and becoming nothing and exactly at that point I can clearly see love of God helping me to  back up and simply be myself.I know that I am really behind from my generation,I mean  those who are in their middle of 30's but my hope to even pass them in my 40's is my IQ that I am investing.In USA using gun is ligal,but I m able to destroy those who really want to destroy me by my brain power ,if not passing the Judjment  to Jesus Christ,so I hope I will not be killed by gun or anything but brain and soul,like Jesus Christ who died like a man.He said I am the saviour and the way and he did not lie .  He stood like a man and died like a man,for love of us who had the hope of improvement .I want to be the warrior for him and his way.So In this website I just want to be my self and do all the things that will be for Christ.The power that I believe in, dose not have any relation with violence,greed and lust.I do watch porn,but after all I learn how to sex and have sexould health ,( From end of 2014 I decided to put any sexual activities away and only use it for the love that I will always look for) ,but I never find a girl of my life to have sex to this moment, I am looking because It is my dream to have a family and have my American dream life.Any way Welcome to my website. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . 

        Ok,what a wonderful narration .In a world that difference between rich and poor is getting higher I think I was enough stressed and got lost to call myself highest IQ. Yes the black hole happened to me and I think it was sign of my depression more than result of dynamic overloaded brain (   is it ;), .As I bring Jesus in my statements so in my depth ,I just want to be a true christian,more than anything else. Of Course I will seek to be in my best ,but away from  violence,greed and lust and with faith,hope and love.(Simple ,pure and clear) again Thank you for reading my first and second paragraph and again welcome to my website.

       Very Important: I love Jesus Christ and all the true and faithful followers of him,But If who ever wants to subscribe or donate or support or even view my channel ( blog and webpage),is not interested in Math,Chess and Programming (The 3 Must be combined),I will not see him or her as a Christian in first,second,stay away from me and my Channel.​

                                                      Be Quiet and in peace in Jesus and in Jesus Onlyin the right way at end times,  to suffer less.